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hazard perception videoclip

hi to all,

can somebody help me with the correct algorithm for hazard perceptions videoclips or the steps to create some.

I don't know from where to start

thank you


  • Hi,

    Please elaborate. If you want good support, you have to help us providing it. Right now, I have no idea what exactly it is that you want. The more details you give us, the more likely it is that we can advise something that will suit you.

    Good luck,


  • hi Eduard,

    in this link you can see what I mean

    whatching the clip the user must to click when hi see a hazard, the window of click has 5 seconds and is scoring the user from 5 to one ( first second is 5 points /the second 5 is one point) if is out of window is 0 points

    the test has 14-15 hazards clips at the end must to give to user a scoring

    thank you

  • So what it is then that you need help with? Presenting the video (, or collecting mouse response? Generally this sounds like something, the mouse trap plugin could be useful for ( I am only not sure whether it can handle dynamic screens like videos very well. @Pascal, what do you think?

    Maybe it is best if you just record mouse position and clicks, and analyze them offline.

    Does that help?


  • hi, yes is about collecting mouse response in correct mode, 1-5 seconds( scoring 1-5)

    and a total scoring for 14-15 videos

    thank s to all

  • Hi all,

    unfortunately I don't think you can use the mousetrap plugin while showing a video as it is usually tracking the mouse while a constant canvas / sketchpad is shown. Probably you would need to write some custom code which I believe is possible in the media_player_mpy plugin (see documentation here). Maybe you don't even have to do this and can simply set the duration to mouseclick if you want to stop the video as soon as the mouse is clicked.



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