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display warning before sketchpad timeout


I would like to display stimuli till the key is pressed, so the duration of the sketchpat is set to '0'. However I do need to limit the waiting time, so I set the time out of the keyboard_response to 10s (btw, should it be 9995?)

The only problem I have is that a warning for the participant is needed, let's say after 6 seconds, that the system is waiting for the response.

How do I do that?

I tried coroutine, however either i am not using it correctly , or it's not suitable for the purpose.

After struggling for a while, maybe here in the forum someone could help.

thank you!



  • Hi Lena,

    You can use inline_scripts, there you have much more flexibility when it comes to what to present when and it which order. Alternatively, you can split up the the keyboard response in two. In between, you can present something that urges participants to respond quicker (a sound, a screen message, whatever). Eventually it is important that you know whether the response was given in first or second phase and if it was given in the second one, you have to add the time of the first one to it.

    Does that make sense?


  • Hi Eduard,

    eventually I have added two keyboard responses with a sketchpad in between and it solved my problem.

    thanks for the important note about the time.


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