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Updating numpy in WinPython to use with Hiroyuki's psychopy_tobii_controller.

Hi everyone. I'm currently attempting to get the psychopy_tobii_controller, as linked on the Installation page, working with my Tobii Pro X3-120 eyetracker. There appear to have been some updates to Mr. Hiroyuki's work since the Installation page was written, however, meaning that the steps don't seem to be quite the same.

In particular, I'm having some trouble with the numpy that is already provided with the WinPython 0.6.0 download. Some code written by Mr. Hiroyuki seems to depend on the np.nanmean function, which was only introduced in numpy 1.8.0, whereas the version packaged with WinPython is only 1.6.2.

That doesn't appear to be the only issue, however. It appears that the numpy in WinPython is actually numpy-mkl. I'm not entirely sure what the difference is, but it's enough that I'm not just able to grab the .tar.gz for numpy 1.8.2 and install it through WinPython's Control Panel (which I have tried; I simply get the following error:

If anyone would happen to know what I can do to resolve this issue, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  • An update: a lot of this could likely be resolved if I knew how to use easy install. The only numpy-mkl files I can find are wheels, which means I'll need pip. What's the best way to install pip with winpython's easy install? Cheers!

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