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SR_Box Feedback Not Working

I'm trying to program feedback into my experiment that uses the srbox plugin. I want to show participants feedback whether they were correct or incorrect and I am using buttons 1 and 5 on the 5 button srbox. In my loop, I have defined correct_response as either 1 or 5 (based on buttons 1 and 5). I cannot get the feedback variable to work for [correct] = 1 and [correct] = 0, however. Each time the experiment is run, both correct and incorrect feedback items are shown sequentially.


  • Hi,

    Just in cases, you don't happen to have run into this issue:

    In any case, first thing to do to find out what is happening is printing out the variables involved, i.e. what it is the response variable, what is the correct variable, and what happens if you compare them. Print them to the debug window (from within an inline_script). Once you do that, it should become clearer what the problem could be.


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