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Custom calibration target in OpenSesame (using Eyelink + PsychoPy)


I am currently setting up my first experiment in OpenSesame using a PsychoPy back-end and an EyeLink tracker.

I am trying to replace the default calibration target with an infant-friendly target. I was going to monkey patch in my own target, but decided to first play around in the Pygaze library (after backing up the original files) to figure out which function actually implements the target. I looked around in (among other scripts):



And thought that EyelinkGraphics.draw_cal_target() in would probably be  the function to go for but any changes to the function do not translate to any changes whatsoever in the experiment. My quest for other points to change haven’t led to any results either so I would greatly appreciate a tip on what function is actually responsible for the calibration target.

Thank you very much,


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