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How can I integrate an input field in a sketchpad?

I`m an OpenSesame newbie and I'm trying to build a psycholinguistic experiment for my B.A. thesis with this software. In the experiment my participants will be presented a written sentence with one word missing. They will hear the missing word and then I want them to type the word into an input field and to continue to the next sentence by clicking on Enter.

My question is how can I integrate an input field into my test item sentences in the OpenSesame sketchpad? The words that the participants type in should also be my output.

I hope my problem became clear and that you have a solution for me (in easy words for someone who never worked with OpenSesame before).

Best, Falko


  • Hi Falko,

    You can build a custom form, that has two elements. A Text display widget on top and a text input widget below. If you then start playing the sound right before showing the form (with zero delay), you should get what you want. If the timing is critical, you might have to think about another solution.

    See here for more information:

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Eduard,

    your answer was very helpful. I build the custom form just like you said, but I still can't figure out how to run the sampler with my sound files simultaneously with the form base that shows the corresponding sentence. You said something about "zero delay", where can I set this option? At the moment my sequence looks like that: The sound plays and afterwards the form base appears and I can type in something. But when I click on Enter The next sound file is played but we still see the first sentence.

    I attached a screenshot of my sequence, sampler and the custom form. Maybe you can see, what I did wrong.

    And then I would like to know, how to get the words typed into the text input widget as my output.

    I'm sorry, but I never worked with this software before, so I'm a little bit lost.



  • Hi Falko,

    Set the "duration" field of the sampler to zero. That way, Opensesame won't linger on it and move on to the form right away. Importantly, though, the sound will still be played.

    To get the response that you typed into the form , you have to check the variable that you have specified in the form under "var=". In your case, that is response. So in your logfile, you should have a column with the title response, under which the input is listed.

    > At the moment my sequence looks like that: The sound plays and afterwards the form base appears and I can type in something.

    This sound weird, are you sure you're not accidentally showing the same information twice?


  • Hi Eduard,

    thanks for your help. Now everything works.



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