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Using UTF-8 csv file as an input of a loop table - returns error message


My project is at

I have tryed to add a csv file (blink1.csv) as an input of "new loop" loop table.

When trying to preview I get the message:

Failed to generate preview.

The loop table contains an invalid column name: 'Block_nr'

Please advise! TNX


  • Hi,

    Can you check whether this is really not just a problem with the csv file? For example, remove or replace the column and see whether the loop item still refuses to load it.

    Good luck,


  • Thank you!

    I have tryed to remove the first coloumn' but then I got thr same error for the second coloumn :(

    any ideas?

  • Make a new file altogether, copying one column at the time, or if it doesn't work, not copying, but writing new. It it's a real bug, the problem should reoccur rather soon.

  • I think what happened here is that the file started with a so-called BOM (byte order mark). This is not a visible character, and hence you don't see it (which is confusing). But the BOM does become part of the column name, rendering the column name invalid. Some spreadsheets allow you to specify whether you want to include a BOM or not.

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