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Can I yet control the y-axis in plots?

The only previous discussion I found was over a year ago and noted that there was not yet a resolution to the differences in y-axes across plots. (Sorry, there are 19 pages of discussion topics so maybe I missed this.) Some of the differences are terribly misleading visually. As a "purist" I would like all of my graphs to always show the full range of potential outcomes (e.g., percent is always 0 to 100). In the current case, I have a variable that ranges from -5 to +5 and each of several plots has a different axis. Thank you.


  • Yes, we are well aware of the issue. Currently we use the R defaults, but the user needs more control over these. The reason why we haven't acted yet is that we are aiming for a more comprehensive solution. However, because progress is slower than expected I will push for an interim fix where we allow control of the y axis for the key plots. If you want to add pressure to your request you can post it on our GitHub page (for details see



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