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Response time measure

I am creating a small distance estimation task, where the participants have to see 4 pairs of images (based on landmarks of the route that they have already done) and give a numerical estimation of the distance between these two landmarks (pictures).

First, I display the two images through a sketchpad. When they are ready to give their response, they press the spacebar key and type their estimation in a custom form.

How can I measure the response time, where the start time is the appearance of the sketchpad and the end time is the press of the spacebar key when they are ready to give their estimation? 


  • Hi Nasia,

    You can either do it offline (after testing), in your data analysis software (Excel, SPSS, R,...), or in the experiment itself, by subtracting the time stamp of when the first sketchpad was shown from the time the response was given. If you do it in the experiment, you have to do it in an inline_script (var.time_keyboard_response - var.time_sketchpad_1). Per default Opensesame stores the times at which all items were called, relative to the beginning of the experiment. Those variables all start with "time_XXX". So when you check your logfile, you can find the variables that code the onset of the sketchpad and the response item, and compute your response times.

    Good luck,


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