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Spreadsheet editor can't work

edited July 2019 in JASP & BayesFactor

I use the flatpak version of JASP on deepin 15.10.2, a debian distribution. I tried many times, but the spreadsheet editor can not be activated in JASP by double clicking the data window, no matter using default editor or setting custom editor.

By the way, it seems that the most attracting feature of such graphical interface is that it's intuitive for data cleaning. For example, some type error can be captured by just glancing. It's depressing that JASP is not able to ease the data cleaning process.


  • Dear Bfzldh,

    If you post this as an issue on our GitHub page we can address it! (for details see

    As far as we are concerned, the attractive feature of the GUI is not primarily data cleaning. Nevertheless, JASP does allow you to specify missing values, filter data, and compute new columns. I am not sure what other data cleaning activities you have in mind (please post suggestions on our GitHub page!) but if it is just replacing a value with another value, this can be easily done by any other spreadsheet editor that you can easily call from within JASP.

    For some reason that I do not fully understand, members of our own team as well as outsiders keep bringing up the idea that it is a good idea to implement a full-fledged data editor in addition to the functionality that JASP already provides. So at some point we will implement this. But it is not our current top priority (this is making the R code available and making it easier for people to add their own modules, among other things).



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