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How to repeat a trial only once if wrong choice is made?

Hello! I am making a discrimination reversal task on a touch screen for dogs to participate in. It is a two choice task, with two stimuli being randomly presented together on the left and right side of the screen. The dog must learn to discriminate between the two objects to receive a food reward. I used the inline script given in the discussion here ( for a trial to be repeated if a the subject makes an incorrect choice. However, I want to repeat a trial only once if they chose the wrong choice (or don't make a choice) and this inline script makes it to where the trial is repeated until the correct choice is made. So essentially i want the repeat trial to serve as giving the subject a second chance to choose or not choose the positive stimulus(correct choice). So, for example, if the subject chooses the negative stimulus, the same trial (let's say with the negative stimulus on the left side and the positive stimulus on the right side) will be ran once again before moving on too the next trial (which will present the neg stimulus and positive stimulus on the left or right side randomly). I am very new to opensesame and python so I am not sure how to code for this. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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