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Attention Checks within Block Loop

Is it possible to have a block loop run a trial sequence x -number of times, display a different type of trial (e.g. to see if the participant is paying attention), and then return to the remaining trials in the block loop? I'd like to avoid creating multiple block loops to do this, so I can keep the trials as random as possible. Thanks!


  • Hi,

    That is possible. The easiest would be if you add one (or as many trials as you want to have) to your loop table and add a variable that codes the trial type (e.g. regular vs. catch). Then in the remaining block loop you can present different stimulation based on that variable. For example, you can have 2 different sketchpads that have as run_if condition either [trial_type] = 'regular' or [trial_type] = 'catch'

    Does that make sense?


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