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Text_input widget becomes unresponsive


I've been having a recurring issue with the experiment I'm currently running, where the experiment will completely freeze once it gets to a text input question. Just an overview of the design:

The experiment has three conditions that I've separated into three different OpenSesame files (to avoid any overloading). One involves a visual task I coded using inline script, the second uses the mpy movie player, and the third is just a blank screen. Each one of these also has sets of music playing in the background of each trial (in the second condition, I've superimposed the music onto the videos). Each condition has a practice trial and then 6 main trials.

After each trial, the participant receives three sets of questions: the first two involve rating scales and the third uses the text_input widget where the participant types in their answer.

The issue is that sometimes once it gets to the text input question - usually when the participant is in the middle of typing - the page will freeze, the Next button I've added or the Esc key won't work, and I'll have to restart the whole computer. It's not that it crashes and then gives an error message - it just stops responding all together. This still happens in either fullscreen or in Window mode.

I have a feeling it might be freezing because it's receiving too many different keyboard responses at once as a result of typing in an answer? I've resorted to asking participants to write their answers down on paper, and that seems to make the text input part continue fine when left blank.

Any ideas as to what this could be from and how I can fix it? I'm using a Mac computer, OpenSesame version 3.2.7.



  • Hi,

    This would suck. When working with text input forms I sometimes get confused not knowing which part of the screen is currently active, i.e. sometimes you have to click inside/outside the input field, or hit the return key to know where you are. Can you make sure that the experiment really got unresponsive rather than just waiting for a specific response that you haven't given?

    If not that this might really be a bug.


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