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How to count the number of correct trials in a block and then show it as a feedback

My experiment will consist of 3 blocks and after each trial, I would like my participants to see the number of correct answers they had given in that particular block. I will be collecting the answers through mouse response. As far as ı understand, the "correct" variable only considers the answer given to a specific question, working in a binary fashion. However, I need something that works as a "counter for the total number of correct responses". Can someone please help to me? I'm super new to opensesame...


  • If I am not mistaken, Opensesame keeps also a variable "var.total_correct" under the hood. Maybe you can try to access that one. Regardless it is quite easy to implement such a variable. You just need to initialize a variable before a block starts (e.g. total_correct = 0) and then after every trial, you add 1 for every correct response. After the block, you then can present the total_correct variable on a feedback item.

    Does that help?


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