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Reaction times

Hello there!

I have a simple sentence-picture-matching experiment with 2 pics and a sounding stimuli sentence.

In the logger file I have several columnes representing experimental response times ("response_time_picture_x_v_experiment", "response_time_response_experiment" and "average_response_time"). How do I know which time represents what?

Am I right that "response_time_picture_x_v_experiment" is the response time when the actual button press was recorded as X and V are my key buttons?

At which point is the "response_time_response_experiment" recorded?

Which time do I need to take into account to simply calculate the reaction times? Would it be the average one?


  • Hi,

    every item in Opensesame gets its own time (when the item was presented to the screen) and the response time if it required a response. That means, that your item, "picture_x_v_experiment" required a response which is stored in "response_time_picture_x_v_experiment". These timings are relative to the beginning of the experiment, so not response times per trial that you are probably interested in. If you used a keyboard item to collect a response, the response times variable will be called "response_times", I believe, you can also try to compute the response time yourself by subtracting the time when a response was given, from the time the stimulus was presented.

    Does that help?


  • Sure, thank you!

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