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Initial acceleration?


I have been using mousetrap plugin for a while and it is sooo awesome. I am trying to study the influence of proactive inhibition on mouse movement. Could you please help me with devising a way to calculate initial acceleration? I.e. acceleration on the first recorded section of the trajectory?

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    glad to hear that you like the mousetrap software packages! :)

    How would you specifically like to define "acceleration on the first recorded section of the trajectory"?

    That is, what is the first recorded section? The first XXX ms? Or the first XX percent of the trial?

    And how would you like to compute the acceleration of the section? The average acceleration in that section? The maximum acceleration that occurred anywhere in this section?



    Thanked by 1a.g.leontiev
  • What I have in mind is first 25% of trajectory. Is it possible to compute maximum AND averafe acceleration on this part?

  • I have another (tangentially related) question. In one of the previous theme (long ago) you provided the way to calculate the distance after certain amount of time (for example). Is there any way to make it trial by trial?

    In our stop-signal task, the stop signal sounded after a delay that was set using a staircase procedure in each trial. Suppose we want to calculate distance that an individual went in each stop trial after hearing a stop-signal. Is there a way to calculate this given the stop-signal delay in a given trial(i.e., individually for each trial).

    Thank you in advance!

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