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Hi All,

I was hoping to get some help. I have been looking at building a study using Opensesame, but have had numerous issues (obviously a result of the user, not the software). At this point, I thought it may be easier to have someone that is proficient with the software, build it for me (apologies if this is not proper discussion forum etiquette). Of course, I am willing to pay. I have managed to get a little bit of the way there, but I have no idea how to complete some aspects of the study. I have attached an outline of what the participant will be expected to do and how the study is supposed to be designed. I don't know how complicated it is to complete, so I don't know whether a 1 week time frame is reasonable, but this is when I was hoping to have it ready to go. Please PM me if you are available and we can discuss payment.

Thank you in advance!



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    Hi BossHard,

    In general that is possible, but please follow the "proper" procedure. See here:

    So, basically, email

    To get it done within a week (from when you asked) is a little unrealistic though...


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