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Interpreting edge and centrality stability when using Network analyses with jasp


I am new to using network analyses with jasp and seem to be struggling with interpreting the edge and centrality stability results of my network. Any help please? See below.



  • Hi Major,

    I've passed this on to our network experts. They are currently on vacation, so the reply might take a little longer than usual.



  • Hi Major,

    I think these are best explained in the following two tutorial papers (the first a bit more depth):

    The latter is published in Psychological Methods, but because APA journals are hard to access I usually link the pre-print instead, which is the same ;)

    Best, Sacha

  • Hm, somehow the links failed... Let's try again!

  • Ok it seems this website does not allow me to post links? You can find them on my website at

    1. Epskamp, S., Borsboom, D. & Fried, E.I. Estimating Psychological Networks and their Accuracy: A Tutorial Paper. (2017). Behavior Research Methods.
    2. Epskamp, S. & Fried, Eiko I. (2018). A Tutorial on Regularized Partial Correlation Networks.
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