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How to do the subject units of distress scale (suds) in opensesame

Hi guys

I am completely new in the world of opensesame. But I really like its possibilities

and the fact that it is open source. I would like to have the suds on opensesame (see attachment), but I am not sure how to do it correctly with the images and the numbers. Any help is very much appreciated.




  • Hi Laura,

    The easiest way to implement this is probably by drawing all the stimuli onto a sketchpad, and then giving the rectangle elements that you use for the response boxes a name. Then you can have the sketchpad followed by a mouse_response, and indicate that it should be linked to the sketchpad so that it will automatically recognize on which element the participant has clicked.

    If you're unsure how this works, you can walk through the Cats, Dogs, and Capybaras tutorial, which collects responses in a similar way:

    Good luck!


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