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Error Message upon opening *.sav

Dear JASP Team,

after I had checked JASP to run fine with other *.sav files, today, it seems that I can't open a small *.sav data file. I opened the very same file using SPSS, edited it, resaved it under a new name... still, this is what I get.

What did I do wrong? Any Ideas?

Best wishes,


p.s.: I can transform the .sav fiel into a csv file and it seems I can open it in JASP and work with it, but still I'd prefer the direct way :-)


  • Dear Flaihai,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We would love to fix this, but out programming team may need some additional information. Also, this is exactly the kind of issue that we like to see on our GitHub page -- that way, the entire programming team can leap into action, assign the issue, make sure it is addressed and not forgotten, etc. This forum is mostly managed by me (EJ) and meant for the discussion of the interpretation of the results. (for details see



  • Thank-you so much, E.J., for your quick reply!

    I posted the isue at GitHub.


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