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How to build a questionnaire with intermediate pages to address incomplete responses?


I am looking for advice on how to implement intermediate instruction pages in a questionnaire built with OpenSesame.

The questionnaire uses rating-scale items as well as items with check-boxes and items with an open response (text) format.* Next to the questionnaire item, each page of the questionnaire contains a “forward” button at the bottom of the item page to proceed to the next item.

To address and possibly prevent incomplete responses in this questionnaire, I would like to include an intermediate instruction page which is only shown to the participant in case s/he has not given a response to an item or has given an incomplete response (e.g., has not ticked a box to provide an answer) and then has clicked the “forward” button.

The intermediate instruction (a reminder asking the participant to look at her/his response) should be shown once, and then the respondent should be shown the item with the unanswered or incompletely answered question again. If the respondent then clicks on the “forward” button again, the next item in the questionnaire should be shown, independent of whether the respondent has now completed answering the item or not (to allow for a respondent to leave an item unanswered if s/he does not want to answer it).

I would like to ask if implementing this was possible and if you had any advice on how to do this.

Many thanks for any help you may offer.

Best regards,


* The items with a rating-scale use a form-based item format plus an additional inline script. The items with check-boxes and those with open response format are built with a Python inline script.


  • Hi Martin,

    You can implement this using a form validator (only available when creating forms in an inline_script). The validator is a function that returns True or False depending on whether the form should be accepted or not. You can also use this function to show an instruction screen before returning False, to remind the participant of how the form should be filled in. The details depend on the specifics of your form, but that's the general idea.

    For more information, see:



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