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Dear colleagues

im practising using JASP and am interested in the network module

however- i have hit a problem with adding colour to the nodes….i cannot work out how to add the instruction/correct label for the analysis to add in the coloured nodes...and wonder if someone can advise (as i cannot find the solution in the gift/video or manual)

I am trying to add some coloured nodes into my network analyses-

I’ve tried various ways to make this work….but it fails every time…and i cannot work out what is wrong with the variable or the coding to make it work...


The data I am using is in an spss file….so e.g. I cannot include ‘+’ in the column name


But everything I try comes up with the following warning


Warning:  Data supplied in SEX could not be used to determine variables types. Data should: Start with the column name of the variable. Contain an '=' to distinghuish betweem column name and group. 

I wonder if you can advise me what the instruction means (i apologise but I don’t quite understand this sentence)…

And/or can you show me an example of the required labels

Thanking you in advance


  • Hi scottyglasgow,

    The interface for assigning nodes to groups is indeed a bit clunky... attached a jasp and .csv file with a minimal example. Let me know if that solves the problem!



  • hi Don

    first - thanks ++ for taking the time to answer...

    alas- i am stil having a problem

    i wonder if it is because i am trying to use binary variables for grouping??

    basically i tried to copy the example you sent but i cant get the grouping to 'run' (my data were in an spss file but i have also tried putting them into excel to try and resolve the issue)

    what i wanted to do is to see if sex or zygosity (twin status) were useful for grouping...

    so i have two columns-

    sex (label 1,2)

    twin status (label 1,2)...

    but when i try and create the grouping variable and try and run it no labelling appears in the network put...

    do you have any additional suggestions-

    apologies for keeping asking...just we would really like to see if we can see any impact of sex and twin status (and we wanted to do this for the whole network not just by using the 'split' function)



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