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Is it possible to add in future versions?

edited August 2019 in JASP & BayesFactor

Hi there.

Nowadays JASP can help in almost every statistical analysis that I use.

But there are two things that I would like to see in the next version of JASP:

1- In a bayesian two-way ANOVA, offer the possibility to see the BF of comparisons for groups interaction.

2- On descriptive statisics, allow to add more than one group on the split window.

Are these possible to be implemented?

Best Regards.


  • Dear rhlamber,

    Just to get this straight:

    1. What exactly do you mean with "BF of comparisons for groups interaction"?
    2. You mean "split" by, say, not only gender but also by favorite color, so that you get a matrix of plots?

    Regardless, we recommend that feature requests such as these are posted on our GitHub page (for details see so they don't get lost.



  • Hello E.J.

    Thanks for your fast reply.

    I'll try to explain better this time, sorry about that. Let's suppose that I have 1 variable and 2 factors (Diet and Treatment).

    1. On frequentist two-way ANOVA I can get the p-value on post hoc comparisons for Diet, Treatment, and Diet*Treatment (interaction). When I run a bayesian ANOVA, the post hoc only allows me to get the BF for Diet and Treatment and not for the groups interaction (Diet*Treatment).
    2. Yes. Using the same example above, in this version I can only split my variable by Diet or by Treatment separately. I would like to split using both factors Diet and Treatment. It will give us a 2x2 boxplots, descriptive statistics and normality test results.

    As recommended, I will also post this request at the GitHub page.


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