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Alternatives for OSWeb to ask people to participate in my experiment

edited August 2019 in OpenSesame

Hi All:)

I'm quite novice with OpenSesame and about to write my BA thesis.:)

May I ask you for some help relating to implement experiments? What are the possible techniques to ask participants to take part in your experiments?

My original plan was to design an experiment and then send the link to everyone, so that they can participate via OSWeb from their own computers. But then I realised that I used plenty of items e.g. form_base item which are unsupported.

Should I ask them to install OpenSesame or ask them to come to an info lab and participate there? How do you usually do?

Sorry for the basic question and thank you very much for your help




  • Hi Gergely,

    The normal approach is to have a lab computer at which participant are doing the task, that is inviting participants to your lab and record their data there is preferred. Providing instructions on how to install things and let them do the task at home is also an option, but notoriously error-prone. Shouldn't your BA thesis supervisor provide you with information on these kind of things?


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