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Item toolbar disappeared and when accessing adding icons it only replaces existing icons

edited September 2019 in OpenSesame

Dear Sebastiaan

Having lost the item toolbar I tried to bring it back via adding (right clicking) but it has gone to the far left of my screen and hidden the two most important (for me) icons off the screen. I am happy to take a screen shot of this if necessary. It is quite urgent I sort this asap as the university I am with (University of London) is expecting to install this software but if I cannot sort this situation out I will have to recommend that we use other software for my MSc project. (I tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling it twice but it remembers the last settings). It is proving impossible to have the normal toolbar back making the project absolutely impossible to do with this software.

Could you please advise me?




  • I have just posted a screenshot of the item toolbar which is proving impossible to move back to the original position where I can see all icons.

  • Hi Andrew,

    I don't know how to bring back the toolbar, (I failed to reproduce the error), but you can still use the sequence and loop item, even if they are off screen. Just rightclick on experiment in the overview area and click on append item. From that drop-down menu, you can select them and make your experiment.

    Hope this helps a little bit.


  • Thanks Eduard.

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