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Touch screen


I'm using for my experiment an ASUS Transformer Book with Windows 10 and a touch screen.

In the experiment, the subjects should touch the screen inorder to choose the correct answer amongst the represented stimulus.

I'm using the mouse function inorder to record their touches. The problem is that when one mouse click is enough to record the subject's reaction, trying to choose a stimuli with touch pressing instead requires double click (double touch on the screen).

This is a huge problem with the reliability of the response time between different subjects.

I tried to change the computer's of mouse settings to open files and documents only with one mouse click, but it didn't help to solve the problem.

Of course that in all other functions of the computer one mouse click==one screen touch, and double mouse click==double screen touch.So how come inside opensesame scripts one mouse click==double touch?

How can I fix it?

Thanks you very much!



  • Hi Bar,

    Normally, one touch should be enough to select something. Can you double check that your sketchpad has set its duration to 0 instead of "keypress"? That would be a common mistake that would cause such a behavior.


  • Hey,

    The duration is set to 0 on the sketchpad before the mouse function.

    One mouse click would success and the experiment would continue to the next trial- but only double touch presses would do the same.

    Help? :)

  • Hi,

    can you share the experiment? Maybe I can see what is going on, even without having a touchscreen...


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