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Android experience

edited September 2019 in OpenSesame


 I have run an experiment on an old Samsung smartphone (Android 4), and it runs perfectly, but I would like to extend my project by testing several participants, so I need several similar smartphones for other experimenters. The problem is that it is difficult to find an old smartphone always running on Android 4 (as OS does not work on more recent version anymore). Do some of you have previous similar experience with Android testing on smartphones? I read that Windows 10 tablets were another option, but we would really like to continue to use smartphones because they have smaller screens and I didn't succeed in downgrading recent smartphones to previous Android version..

 Many thanks for your help !



  • Hi Emilie,

    I'm afraid that the OpenSesame runtime for Android is no longer developed, and therefore I wouldn't recommend using it. (Unless you happen to have an old smartphone or tablet that is still compatible with it.) Another option might be to build an experiment with OSWeb, and run it on phones in a browser?



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