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Network analysis

Hi all,

I'm struggling to color my nodes in the network analysis. I want to create a variable/column for this which includes 6 groups of colors, each group will consist out of several variables.

Can anyone help me to R-code this, I can't find any examples.

Much appreciated!




  • Hi Alex,

    You can watch the first video here: to see how to separate groups by color. You first need to create a new column in your dataset where you specify your groups (see screenshot attached), then you can follow the instructions in the video! This is specific to JASP, for ways to do this in R you can check-out tutorials and R-code example from our group (lots available at

    Hope this helps.



  • dear alex

    can i ask if this screenshot if for e.g. an excel file

    what would the approach be for spss

    also- can i check-

    what if the symptom ratings (variable)- is binary (i.e. rated as present or absent) rather than continuous it still possible to undertake colour coding?

    kind regards


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