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Why are JASP files so big?

Hi JASP crew,

Super big fan of your work. Was just curious what bloats JASP files so much.

Example 1: Data file is 27.9 kB, associated JASP file is 47.6 MB (!). There are two 2x3 repeated-measures ANOVAs in there, each with 15 post-hoc tests and 1 graph at 300 dpi.

Example 2: Data file is 173.0 kB, associated JASP file is 917 MB (!!!). This has an embarrassingly big repeated-measures ANOVA in there (2*2*24), with two graphs at 300 dpi.

It can't just be the images, given the huge difference between the files. Are the values saved in a memory-intensive way, or are a lot of in-between steps saved too?




  • This is really something for the GitHub page, but it's important so I'll post it there. Thanks! (my guess: for the ANOVA, it may save the samples, at least if it's a Bayesian ANOVA...)


  • Hi Edwin,

    Could you specify whether you used the Bayesian ANOVA or the frequentist ANOVA? Then we can narrow down the search to where this issue might be coming from!

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks, both! I'll generate an example and email that to Johnny. (Thanks for your direct email; I'll get back to you as soon as I can!)

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