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[open] Android 4.0

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Dear All,
I plan to develop some tablet-based experiments in the field of animal cognition using OpenSesame.
Because of the different modalities of responses different animals can have, I need a tablet with a resistive screen.
Among the tablets suitable for my experiments I chose the Flytouch 7 running with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
Did anybody tried to run OpenSesame on this particular tablet and operant system?
Does it work?


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    Hi Maxime,

    The Flytouch 7 is a regular ARM-based Android tablet, so it should run OpenSesame. I'm not sure whether anyone has tested this specific device, but it seems that it's a newer version of the EKEN M009S, which is known to work (see list). (EKEN devices are sold under various names.) My experience with the EKEN M009S was not very good, I must say. It was very slow, and the touchscreen and battery life were quite poor. But then again, if you need a resistive touchscreen, it may be exactly what you need.

    Just out of curiosity: What kind of animals are you going to test?


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    Hi Sebastiaan,
    Thanks for your answer. I've got the tablet and Opensesame seems to work perfectly on it.
    I'm testing small birds (Black-capped Chickadee).
    Best regards,

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    That's cute. And can I see why you would need a resistive screen for the beaks!

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