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Can't change variable's type


I downloaded open source demographic data from governmental source in .csv.

Once I uploaded it on JASP, the variable "death" which is the number of death should be continuous since it is nominal by default. The problem is that I can't change the nature of nominal variable.

However I can easily change variables from a continuous, to categorical and nominal, and vice versa.

Is it about the file itself, how the data has been transcripted through .csv and than JASP ?

Is it because it is a nominal variable with the white "a" on the icon ? What does "a" mean ?

Also, I can't change the value on the variable. Is it normal ?

Thanks for your help


  • Dear Guillaume,

    The "a" means it is an alphabetical (text) variable. So at least one of the entries has text, and this is also why you can't change the type -- JASP cannot guess what number the string should have.



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