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DIfferent correct responses on two different pictures

Hello everyone,

in my experiment I got a sketchpad, where different pictures appear in two different fixated positions at the same time. Every position shows one of four different pictures per trial in a sequential order. I created a block_loop-item where the order of the pictures and their correct responses (1,2,3,4 for the first picture and v,b,n,m for the other picture) are listed. The keyboard_response item has set the "allowed reactions" to "1,2,3,4,v,b,n,m".

When I run the test and press just one of the allowed reactions, both pictures disappear and the next trial starts. What I want to do is to set the correct responses and the allowed keys seperately for the two pictures. If you press one of the allowed keys for one picture, only this one should disappear and the other picture should stay on the screen, until you press one of the allowed keys for this one. When you reacted to both pictures, the next trial should start. The correct responses for both should be logged in two different variables.

Is it possible to do this without an inline script or do I need one to set the allowed keys and correct responses seperately for each picture?

Greetings and thanks in advance



  • Hi Rex,

    This sounds like an interesting problem. I am afraid you'll need to use inline scripts in order to implement that. Attached an experiment that implements the basic procedure. I hope this gets you started.


  • Hi eduard,

    thanks for your answer. Where can I find the attached experiment? Sorry if I overlook something, but I still need to get used to this forum. :)



  • Sorry, I think I closed the window before the upload was complete...

    Here it is

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