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Audio Quality Opensesame


I am new to OpSes and I am building a new experiment which is strongly based on the quality of the audio files I am using. I have noticed that when adding the audio file as object in OpSes the quality of the voice changes, lowering in quality. Is there a way to avoid this and keep the exact audio quality of my .wav files?

Thank you


  • Hi Lexa,

    What do you mean exactly with 'low quality'?

    If the pitch of the sound is incorrect (i.e. too high/ fast, or too low/ slow), you can fix that by setting the Sampling frequency so that it matches the frequency of your sound files. (Or conversely, resample your sound files to 48 Khz, which is the default sampling frequency of OpenSesame.)

    If the sound stutters, then you can generally fix that by increasing the Sound buffer size.

    Both options can be found under General properties → Back-end settings → Sampler.



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