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Tobii 60 ValueError: You shouldn't create CalibrationPoint objects yourself


I'm super new at doing experiments with an eyetracker and I'm a bit lost. We use a Tobii X2-60 compact and we are having problems when trying to run a pilot study. The experiment per se (sound and images) works but when we add the "eyetracker stuff" we are uncapable to run it. We start the experiment with the "pygaze_init" and when doing the callibration this error occurs:

 ValueError: You shouldn't create CalibrationPoint objects yourself.

The strange thing is that it sometimes works and we can see the calibration results (the image in which you see where you were looking at). Does anyone know if its a problem of the tobii_research module or with the eyetracker or with the script? I really don't know what the error means.

Thank you very much in advance!

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