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Break loop based on time criteria, without first trial being run

I need to create a block (looped sequence of trials) for a specific duration, rather than based on the number of trials being completed. The block loop runs a reward-seeking trial sequence where participants can choose to respond or not on any given trial (i.e. they can even not respond at all and simply sit the block out if they don't want to win the reward). So I need the break-if to be set purely based on duration so everyone runs the block for the same duration).

My question is - how do I break a block (looped sequence of trials) once a specific duration has been reached from the start of the block, irrespective of whether the participant has made any responses on a trial?

Based on solutions I've found on this forum, I have been able to add an in-line script to define the desired block duration, but the block only breaks once the duration has been reached IF a response is made after that duration has been reached.

I have tried to have "set break_if_on_first" as yes or no, but that doesn't seem to make any difference, at least one response still has to be made after the duration has been reached before the loop can break...


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