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Experiment with audio stimuli

Hello, i am new using the program. I have seen videos, but i am not sure how i can present audio stimuli by randomly selecting them from a folder.

The idea is to present many audio modules from a folder and as they appear the person write their answer (free text).

Thank you


  • Hi,

    there is the Audio stimulus (see

    It takes a filename as an input, so all you need to do is to randomly select a filename from all the audio files in a folder. For instance to select 10 random filenames from a folder with audio files:

    import os
    import glob
    import expyriment as xpy
    files = glob.glob(os.path.join("/path/to/audio_files", "*.wav"))
    selection = files[:10]
  • Ok thanks!

    Can i use OpenSesame for the experiment? I was looking some videos in Opensesame, but i`m not sure.

  • Yes, OpenSesame can run entire Expyriment in inline scripts (I think), but there is no advantage of doing it like this over just running the Expyriment script directly.

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