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Select Block when starting experiment

Dear community,

although this might be a trivial question I couldn´t find a solution yet (or was not successful searching for it properly):

I have created an experiment for stimuli presentation consisting of serveral blocks that all test different things (e.g., Block X-reading; Block Y-repetition; Block Z- priming+reading). The Blocks will always occur in a fixed order.

However, I want to insert an option at the start of the experiment that let me choose the Block I want to run first (and also let me determine the order of the remaining blocks). I think this would be very helpful in cases were the experiment crashes for some reason and has to be restarted.

Thanks in advance!




  • Hi Stella,

    You can set the run if statements of all the block to never and add an inline_script as the first item of your experiment in which you specify the order. The way to do it is described here:

    Hope this helps.


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