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German Umlauts

Hello friends,

so I created an experiment on OpenSesame 3.2.7 consisting of a dual-task. Paragraph by paragraph, text is presented to the participants while a simple reaction task will interfere within a random interval.

Text presentation worked just fine but there was one major issue I needed to solve concerning the reaction task. I found out I needed the 'keyboard' python package ( which is only available on python3, so I upgraded to OpenSesame 3.2.8 and installed the package. My experiment works the way I want it to work now, except that suddenly german umlauts and quotation marks are not displayed correctly when presenting the paragraphs. Textfiles used are all UTF-8 encoded and were displayed correctly on 3.2.7 - has anyone had this problem as well or knows a simple solution to it?


  • Nevermind, case solved. :-)

    In case anyone comes across the same issue, this one did the trick:

    with open(textfile, 'r', encoding = 'utf-8')

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