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I am new using Opensesame program. I have seen videos about visual stimuli, but i don´t know all the details for presenting audio stimuli by randomly selecting them from a folder.

The idea is to present many audio stimuli (152 stimuli really short) and as they appear the person write their answer (free text). Is like a test. The person listen a stimuli and write the answer (free answer). The person can click when finish each sound for going to the other sound.

I read some tutorials and saw videos, but i don´t know all the details for make a good test with the program. 

In "Block_loop" i used the file (with a152 stimuli) and not "table", but I´m not sure.

Then on the "trial_sequence" i used the "sampler". But in "sound_file" i chose only one stimuli no all. And changed the name: ([sound][sound_nr].ogg).

I have a lot of doubts. If someone can help me, i will appreciate so much.

Thank you


  • Hi Fernanda,

    what you describe seems possible with OpenSesame.

    However, if your Experiment is like a questionnaire, I believe that it is easier to accomplish if you use for example 'soscisurvey' or 'survey monkey' other similar online platforms.



  • To add to Stephan's response, if you want to implement this with Opensesame, we can of course help you, but then you also should help us helping you. Specifically, what is the problem currently? Your steps so far seem to be reasonable. What works and what doesn't? As far as I understand, you basically need to combine a sampler with a text input form within a trial loop and loop over it for as many trials as you have.


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