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interactions between comparisons


I'm analyzing RT data from a congruity task with congruent (C) neutral (N) and incongruent (IC) conditions. I used ANOVA and post-hoc analysis and found a significant facilitation (i.e., N-C) and interference (IC-N) effects. Now I want to compare them to see if one effect is stronger then the other.

Is it possible to do in JASP? The BFs of the Bayesian ANOVA are very different but I don't know if this is enough...




  • Dear Tali,

    Hmm, the complication here is that "N" is involved both in N-C and in IC-N. So it seems to me that you would like some kind of contrast that tests the symmetric staircase pattern against an asymmetric staircase pattern. Julia Haaf has done some relevant work on specifying meaningful relations in ANOVA models -- I'll attend her to your question.



  • Thanks EJ!

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