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Hi all,

I've never really used JASP but I've been given a project to do and thought I'd try and use it. I wonder, would JASP be suitable to manage data around memberships of a service, for example:

Gender, member, non-member, other, etc.

I my idea was to assign them each a number say Male 1, female 0, member 2, non-member 3 and so on. Would that work?

As I say, I've not used JASP before and always just done things in Excel but I'd like to give this project which will be ongoing some real commitment. Thanks in advance!



  • Hi B,

    If your job is data management, I would stick to Excel (or OpenOffice Calc). JASP has some data editing functionality (compute columns, filtering, etc) but it is not a full-fledge editor; JASP's main strength is statistical inference.



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