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Mac Mojave - Problem with image (loop)

Hello everyone

I've a problem with an experiment:

  • item-stack: experiment[run].new_loop[run].new_sequence_1[run].new_loop_1[run].new_sequence_2[prepare].stimoli[prepare]
  • exception type: IOError
  • exception message: The picture file 'testgenere 10.jpg' does not exist

bThe same file experiment works on Windows pc, Mac. I have read that there are problems with Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6, but is it really a Mac problem?


  • Hi Rebmel,

    I suspect that the image file is simply missing (so that it's not a Mac OS specific issue). Perhaps the files are not included in the file pool, so that you have copy them along with the experiment from one system to another? In that case it's easy to miss a file.

    If you're sure that it's not simply a missing file, then it would be easiest to upload your experiment here so that we can take a look.



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