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Use SRbox in stop-change task

Hi, I am trying to use Opensesame to create a stop-change task recently, and I will use SRbox item to collect reaction time and accuracy instead of keyboard item. I know that I can not use SRbox item directly in coroutine so I write a script in coroutine just like the website suggest ( Now, I find the script can collect data perfectly, however there is something wrong with appearance of change_signal. Normally, the appearance of change signal will based on change signal delay (CSD), however, now it is based on whether I press a button to respond to go signal or not. In other words, if I press the button, the change signal will show up right away, if I do not press a button, the change signal will not even show up (i.e. so the change condition is just like go condition, there is no change signal at all). Actually, I have tried to use keyboard item to collect data, and the appearance of change signal is indeed based on CSD. I have no idea what is going on here. Hope some one can help me. Thansk in advance.



  • Hi Yihong,

    First of all, replace if button == [var.ans] with if button==var.ans

    Second, I don't see a reason why you use a coroutine in first place. Are parallel things going to happen in your script? Wouldn't it be enough to have the items occur sequentially in a regular sequence?

    On the first glance, I don't see why it shouldn't work, but I suppose it has to do with using the generator function as well as the response time inline script (just a guess). Can you check whether the first correction will already solve it? If not, I'll have a closer look.



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