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Template for Questionnaires (and more)

Hello everyone!

During an internship I created many different questionnaires and simple tests with OpenSesame. In order to not lose the aquired knowledge, I summarised everything I worked on in an extensive template.

What I worked with mostly are forms (created with inline scripts), but also with sketchpads. Some of the basic elements are explained very detailed so people with no experience with python should be able to use it.

An unfinished list of what's explained in the template:

  • Basic information on different items
  • How to create custom Single Choice Questionnaires
  • Different ways of how to display a form
  • How to prevent the participant from skiping an answer with a formvalidator
  • How to recode output variables (for example used for inverted items)
  • How to create a custom logfile
  • How to create a slider (used as a visual analog scale)
  • How to create a verbal IQ-Task
  • An example of how to work with the loop item

You'll find all of this and more under the following link:

Please note: I am a psychology student and not a professional programmer; therefore the suggested solutions might not represent the most efficient or most elegant ways! Also English is not my mother tongue, please excuse language mistakes.

If you used my template and find any mistakes, if you have questions or if you just want to leave a comment, I am very happy about a message on here, on github or via E-Mail (adress is in the disclaimer of the template).

Hope it helps,



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