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3D objects in opensesame

Hi everyone,

I would like to request some advice regarding a project I want to create a computerized version of a 'Blicket-task' on 3D graphical interface. I understand OpenSesame should theoretically be able to do that using PyOpengl?

Basically I would like to create a task wherein 1different objects are presented to the subjects in combinations of three and they are placed onto a machine/plattform in certain combinations and the machine responds to some of them by lighting up and playing music. The aim is to test how people infer object identity and form causal beliefs.

The tricky bit is that the objects need to be counterbalanced in 16 different combinations so I would like to create an animation scheme wherein these objects are placed onto a platfform.

Does anyone have a template perhaps where I could see how Opensesame handles 3D objects? Is it even possible to create an interface where participants can rotate different objects with the mouse and/or drag-drop objects themselves onto the Plattform?



  • Hi,

    Maybe I am misunderstanding, but your problem is not really related to 3D objects specifically? You are asking about making the design/conditioning, right?


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