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Disruption before fixation point video

Hello everyone!

I am trying to introduce a dynamic fixation point in my trial sequence. To achieve this goal, I use .mp4 file. The video loading seems works perfectly. However, there is sometimes a kind of disruption (black screen) just before the fixation point video. You can see an example of this problem here :

To solve this problem, I tried to introduce an empty sketchpad (for a short time – 16 ms) just before the fixation point video. It seems to reduce the number of disruptions, but there are still present.

Do you have any idea of how I can solve this problem? And the potential impact on the target timing presentation (just after the fixation point video).

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi Brice,

    Weird. The only two ideas I have is (1) Make the background if your experiment black, so that the flicker is not seen. (2) Don't use a video, but an inline script in which you vary the fixdot size dynamically, (probably from within a while loop).

    Hope this helps.


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