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IOWA experiment designing

I want to clear updated widgets after modifying loss and wins labels to initials like deck1, deck2, deck3 and deck4 on random clicks of decks.


  • HI,

    If you need help, you have to provide enough information on the issue so tha twe can help you. Right now you don't even tell us what your problem was. So, please, more info...


  • Hello eduard,

    I'm designing a IOWA gambling experiment in open sesame via inline script.

    taking reference for the same ?️

    I'm facing implementation problem in updating loss and wins in experiment like after every choose of deck the previous wins and current wins should be updated also this creating override of widgets after each trials. So, for the same i want to clear previous widgets.

    My designed experiment ?️

    Please help me out!!

  • Hi,

    It is a little tricky to debug an experiment that is already at such a late stage. Did you write it yourself? Can you break it down to a simpler version in which the problems are still present? It takes quite a bit of time and effort to try tracking down the problem in such a complex structure.

    However, there are tutorials online: check out this link:

    Maybe if you follow it, you can fix your issue yourself.


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