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Problems with Calibration


I've been using Opensesame with Tobii X2-60. During the standard calibration it only uses the central part of the screen, but when i run the esperiment it uses the whole screen (1920 X 1080). So, when i run my experiment full screen fixations are not accurate towards the margins.

Is there a way to adapt the calibration to the monitor's size?

Thank you!



  • Hi Mari,

    That is surprising to me. Given the tobii code of Pygaze, it seems like the calibration dots are defined relative to screen width and height. So, I would expect them to scale with display size. Just to be sure, what have you set as screen size in the experiment? You can see that information in the first field of the overview area in Opensesame. If this resolution is smaller than 1920 x 1080, this would explain what you see.

    Hope this helps,


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