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Word displaying not working properly

Dear all,

I'm a big fan of OpenSesame I have used it in the past to build little experiments. In this occasion, I'm using it for an eye-tracking experiment, but for some reason, the sentences I'm displaying are not shown as sharp as they should look on the screen, I'm attaching some screenshots.

I don't know why this is happening, I've tried to change the font of the experiment, but it doesn't matter, some parts of the sentences aren't shown as sharped as they should. Yes, with some fonts the quality improves but still is not enough. I'm looking to use a monospaced although one of the attached images is not.

Do you know why this is happening? Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance




  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, I can't see the images. Also, this sounds like a weird problem. Is it possible that the resolution of the experiment is misspecified? (see the first item in the experiment overview area). Increasing the resolution might solve the issue. If you wish you can upload your experiment.


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