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no module named win32gui

Hi forum,

i am still trying to get access to button presses on the touch screen.

It seems like the touch screen does register presses different to the mouse. By this, the press is only registered after the release. This is not what i want.

I found a hook which might help. However, at the moment i get the error message that there is no module named win32gui.

How do i solve this?

Is there win32 integrated in OpenSesame or do i need to install this?

I already downloaded this, but i am not sure where i have to put the file. Into the OpenSesame file with the .exe? And then, how do i make it run?

I tried:

import pip

I still get the error message. Probably i am doing wrong something simple. ?



  • Hi Stephan,

    Can you try simply with "pywin32"?

    Also, according to this post, there is some post-processing needed:

    After you run the pip command, can you import pywin32? By the way, you can't use Python 3.7 or higher with pywin32.

    Hope this helps a bit.


  • Hi Eduard,

    thanks for your reply.

    What do you mean with simply try pywin32?

    I also ran over the post in stackoverflow, but i have to admit that i did not really understand the steps. Step 1: I downloaded the file. I put it into the C:Programme (x86)\OpenSesame.

    Step 2: Then i run ...

    pip install pywin32....whl

    ... in my inline_script. (see comment above) Is that correct? (I also tried to run this in the command window, however i get an error message 'pip not available')

    In the next line in the inline_script i tried to import pywin32. But the error message says: no module.

    Step 3: I do not have this path on my computer (C:\python32\python.exe) because i am using OS not python.

    Step 4: 'python' I have no idea what this step means.


  • I meant

    import pip

    You will have python on your system, otherwise Opensesame wouldn't run. Unfortunately, I don't get how things work on Windows. But you should have a python folder in which there is a python.exe if you execute point 3 from a shell in that folder, it could solve the issue. Point 4 is simply importing it, so what you tried in Opensesame.

    Apart from that, I am not sure whether pipping it in OS is equivalent to a system-wide installation...

  • I found python.exe directly in the OpenSesame folder :) C:Programme (x86)\OpenSesame\python.exe

    If I run this, the commands from the stackoverflow site do not work. I seems like it does not recognize the 'install' command.

  • Mh, too bad. Then, once again, I am out of ideas...Sorry.

    By the way, did you report the bug on the github page? It sounds like something that should be fixed (the part about touch responses being inaccurate when the mouse is hidden).


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